Video Library: Pins

Pin Process: How To Series

In this series of educational instruction videos, viewers can learn all about navigating the world of pins.

1. How to Measure a Pin

In this video you can learn the proper way to measure a pin.

2. How to Select a Pin Process

This video goes over the basics of selecting a pin process.

3. Pick the Best Attachments

In this video viewers learn about different pin attachments.

4. Accepting Change

In this video viewers learn how small design changes can enhance the final product.

5. Choosing the Correct Size

This video helps viewers determine the correct pin size.

6. Difference in Enamel Fills

In this video viewers learn about the different types of enamel fills.

7. Suggesting Pins to Your Customers

In this video learn how to suggest pins to your customers.

8. Reusing Packaging

Learn about reusing our various packaging options.

9. Non-Traditional Pin Types

This video introduces our line of non-traditional pins.

10: How to Order

In this video viewers learn to navigate the “Taco Bar” at

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