FAQ’s…with a twist

Frequently Asked Questions…from us to you!

We know pins are not always a hot topic, but they should be!

The below questions will put you on the path to becoming pin gurus, just like us.

Are your clients opposed to pins?

Maybe they do not understand the value, they only know the phrase ‘lapel pin’ and don’t even know what a lapel is, they wait until a pin is mentioned to ask about one, or they have no idea they can create something custom for such a great price! Below are some great pointers to help you sling pins like a PRO!

Are you never asked about pins?

You may think your clients are uninterested, but that is just because they have no idea how cool they are! If you sell hats, bags, or apparel a pin is the PERFECT add on! Pins are versatile and the nail can be removed and replaced with a magnet back, plus a charm loop or inner hole can be added to work with zippers.

Do you have a small budget, or are you in need of a small quantity?

No problem! We offer a variety of pin processes to fit low budget and low quantity requests. Our free setup is helpful – and no, it is not incorporated in the unit price. It is actually free! Our 25 piece MOQ is pretty amazing, and the free shipping makes it a no brainer for the small quantity request!

Is your client looking for an identifier for an event?

You can offer the traditional lanyard and badge but always include a pin too! It can be an identifier on its’ own (and brought home for future use!) or it can be combined with the lanyard for an extra level of coolness. It can even be used for the extra special VIPs to make sure they stand out in the crowd.

Are you looking for an employee reward but don’t have a big budget?

Think pins! These are great rewards and incentives that will get the whole company talking. Completing goals and working your way through a set of pins in the process is so rewarding, and fun for all! People around them will see their accomplishments (from the pins) and strive to do the same.


Now that you have the knowledge, put it to work and reach out so we can taco ‘bout how we can build a partnership together.