Smooth Enamel

Smooth Enamel Pin

Taco ‘Bout Classy

Smooth enamel combines the die struck and enamel processes delivering a pin with eye catching color and stylish elegance.

After being plated in silver, gold, copper, or dark nickel, enamel colors are filled to the same level as the raised metal before being hand polished resulting in a smooth finish.

These pins are 1.2-1.4mm thick with 2 included enamel color fills.

Incorporating additional colors and printing fine details provides greater versatility allowing you to follow strict brand guidelines.

  • 1.4mm Thick Steel
  • Includes Polished Finish
  • Includes Two Enamel Color Fills
  • 3-4 Week Production
  • No Die Charge, Includes Custom Shape
  • Biodegradable Paper Pouch
  • Free Ground Shipping
Smooth Enamel Pins – PN4